We offer a range of products at our Car Wash.


This large, spacious and bright barn has 12 bays that are 17+’ wide by up to 27’ long. The well-lit barn is compliments of an abundance of modern LED fixtures thus greatly reducing the power needed while maintaining a lifespan of thousands of hours.

Exit Lanes

We have 2 of them. No one likes to be kept waiting, especially when they are done with their wash and want to get out and on their way. For this reason we have 2 exit lanes. One lane that allows you to interact with our awesome Xpress cashiers and one Xpress quick exit lane. This exit lane allows you to scan your ticket/enter your code, tap/insert your payment card and leave the facility. This is especially great for those days where you want to show your vehicle some love but you are not in the mood to talk to anyone.

In Bay Wash Equipment

Low pressure presoak
Low pressure tire and engine cleaner
yes, it is different than pre-soak
High pressure soap
High pressure rinse

Foam Brush

These hog’s hair ( I didn’t even know that a hog had hair that you could use for brushes) brushes are super soft and there is such an abundance of foam, that you might want to clean the floor instead of stepping through it.

Low pressure foam wax
High pressure clearcoat protectant
Spot free final rinse
Tire Dressing


There are a few misconceptions about presoak and especially on how to apply it.
• Presoak acts to negatively charge the surface of your vehicle.  This helps to loosen and “suspend” the hydrocarbons and contaminants in mud and dirt acquired while driving on our roads.
• This allows the high pressure water to more effectively remove this guck off your vehicle.
• Pre-soak should be applied from the ground up. The reason for this is twofold.
• Presoak loses its effectiveness the longer the path it travels. Therefore it is more effective where it is first applied than where it runs to, a foot further down the side of your vehicle.
• When pre-soak is applied, it starts to sluff dirt and grime down the side of your vehicle thus creating a barrier between the guck you want to get at and the fresh presoak you are applying.

Low pressure Foam Wax / High pressure Clearcoat Protectant

• These products help protect your vehicle’s surface against harmful UV rays, dirt and grime, and to an extent, even things like harder material (like sand and pebbles) that are constantly flung at your vehicle.
• The high pressure clearcoat is used to remove the low pressure excess foam wax applied as an initial barrier for your paint.
• A well kept protective coating on your vehicle’s paint assists the presoak and the high pressure wash in removing dirt and grime from your vehicle and reduces the need for friction that foam brushing provides.
• To test the effectiveness of your favourite carwash’s wax products, apply the wax to your vehicle’s side windows. An effective wax will cause the flow of water, down your window, to bead and almost appear to completely skip over parts of the glass.

Spot Free Final Rinse

• This water goes through the reverse osmosis process thus reducing the possibility of whitish type spots on your car, that occur when only regular water is used to rinse your vehicle.

Tire Dressing

My friends love this product!
• It is a low pressure chemical applied with a small circular brush that helps to remove the older, dried up surface layer of rubber on your tire and then effectively protect the new freshly exposed rubber, thus maintaining a nice deep black colour to your tires even when they are dry.


If you like solitude and space while washing your vehicle and toys, these well-lit, spacious bays come in two great sizes:

One – 80’ long bay complete with a 16’ high overhead door

Three – 60’ long bays complete with 14’ high overhead doors

Complete with in-bay pay stations (receipts available), these bays can handle almost anything from your pedal bike right up to your 75’ truck and toy hauler and almost everything in between.
With ample entry and exit space, high pressure wands and high pressure foam cannons (Coming Soon) these bays will satisfy even the most discerning washer.


If you want your vehicle pampered, while you sit inside, relax and let the stresses of the day leave your body, then these are the washes for you. Both styles of automatic wash machines and all available wash packages come with the dryer option included. Letting our oscillating dryers remove excess water from your vehicle is perfect for life in Alberta where it seems we are below freezing at least 6 months of the year.
We have 2 styles of machines to satisfy your needs.

Touchless Automatic – This is exactly what you would think. Other than the liquid ingredients necessary for a superior wash, no contact is made with your vehicle by the machine itself.
Consisting of 3 different wash packages, this RYKO machine uses high pressure water to blast away the dirt and grime without the machine itself coming into contact with your vehicle.

Softgloss Max – This automatic wash involves a soft touch, gently caressing your vehicle, loosening the guck and grime so that the water can wash it away. The premium wash has 4 high impact, touchless passes, to first drench, loosen and remove heavier dirt and grime. The lubricated silicone tentacles then assist in applying a gentle rub to your vehicle to assist in loosening that stubborn grime. The calcium and salt that is applied to our roads during the winter months plays havoc with our vehicle’s finish and often will not come off without a gentle rub.

FREE Outdoor Vacuums

Yes, you heard right. They are truly free.
I have had a number of people ask… What’s up with that? You can’t even get air for your tires for free!
But nada, no hidden costs or secret charges. Just pull up, suck up your dirt, chips or cheezies left behind by your kids and drive away when you are done.

A good friend of mine said “ Your outside vacs really suck!”
My response – “ I wouldn’t want them any other way!”

Loyalty Cards

Save yourself some money, get a loyalty card. Good for all washes, products and services Xpress Car Wash offers.

Card Price Card Value
$25 Card $25 Value
$50 Card $55 Value
$100 Card $120 Value


If you would like to set up a fleet account for your business, please email